Facilities Of Project "Siksha Sahyog Abhiyan"

  1. Registration Code :- SST provides a registration code to all school after complition of registration process. Registration Certificate will be post to you on your registered address. A soft copy will be sent to you on your registered email-id.
  2. Website Link :- SST have their own website www.sstgroups.org. You can avail the all knowledge on the website about this organization. Complain Box/Feedback Form and help desk is available for your support. You can view your school name in the list displayed on the website.
  3. School's Website Page :- When you complete your login process, SST will provide a particular website to all school that is registered with organization. All social media links (facebook, twitter, youtube etc.) are also connected with your particular web page.
  4. Routine + Holiday's Calender :- A Routine will be issued for your school that manage the education system and help to improve the study. A calender of holyday for one year will be issued also.
  5. Lesson Plan :- All registered school get the chapter wise lesson plan which is structured class by class. Realy these lesson plans are created by the experienced trainers and it summarised the chapter.
  6. Syllabus :- Actually a syllabus have the vital role in study which should be followed. So the SST will provide you a standard syllabus to our registered school.
  7. Admission Support :- Every school need the support for admission because all wants to grow the straingth of child in the school. There are many things that will effect your number of admission. We have a great team that support you and advice you that what should be or should be not. We provide you the different types of admission supported documents (Admission Form, Feedback Form, Inquiry Form etc.) and advice to how it will be handled.
  8. Dress Code :- A Dress Code is defined by SST that will be provided to registered school also .
  9. Study Materials :- Study materials prepared by the experienced / trained teachers will also be available to all registered school that will give you the right flow of study with easy steps.
  10. Complain Box :- All schools should have a complain box to get in touch with all types of issues from different desk as like from parent/guardian, administration, teaching or non-teaching staffs.
  11. Teacher Training Materials :- Materials to teach the faculty in your school will be provided to you by SST. It helps the teacher to how they make the lessons very easy to understood, what should be the environment of class, Which type of behavior should be with children and many more.
  12. Trained Teacher* :- SST provides you the trained teacher to you school for best education. We have a large database of trained teacher that have the great experiance. You have to pay a nominal charge for a year to the organization according to your requirement.
  13. Material for Audio & Visual Classes :- Audio Visual Classes makes the study very interesting and increase the attantion of children to the object. It makes your lesson very easy or simple. Here SST will provide the material for Audio & Visual Classes to all registered school with us.
  14. Sports Kit* :- Sports is as mandatory as study for all child. Its referesh the mind and increase the capacity to learn better.Different types of indoor & outdoor sports are played by the children in the school.SST provides the sports kits to our registered school like chess, Badminton, Volleyball, caroom board, hockey stick, Football, Jump-Rope.
  15. Quiz & Competition* :- Quiz and competitions are organised by SST on a interval of time.
  16. Computer Lab* :- SST provides the all arrangement of computer system for school registered here with some terms and canditions.
  17. Computer Hardware/Software Support* :- All types of hardware and software support will be provided by SST.
  18. Medical Camp :- SST organize a medical camp in the campus of school with a period of time.
  19. Loan Facility* :- SST will support you financially, if you fullfil the all required conditions.
  20. Branch Development Support* :- If you want to develop the branch for your school, SST will help or support you in branch development.
Note :- * T & C Apply